Oratex® Success Stories

Oratex is proven and has received certification in Europe. After extensive testing in Alaska, Oratex is now available in North America. Currently there are over 300 airplanes flying, with more and more launching all the time. Here are just a few projects that have been successfully completed using Oratex fabric.

  1. Mike Mooney: Rans S-7
  2. Bill Tabberts: Volmer VJ22
  3. Martin Koxxy: E-Gull
  4. Steve Harris: Bearhawk 4 Place
  5. Pierre Yves Girouard: Highlander
  6. Ed Tooey: SuperSTOL
  7. Dan Dufault: Glacier Cub
  8. Larry Vetterman: Super Cub
  9. Tony Bolstad: Challenger
  10. Hal Stockman: Rans S7S
  11. Mark Goldberg: Bearhawk LSA
  12. John Steere: Award Winning "Bodacious"
  13. Solar Impulse: Record Setting Solar Powered Job
  14. Alec Wild: DoubleEnder STOL Redefined
  15. Roger Peterson: Classic PA-11
  16. Frank Knapp: STOL Champion "Lil Cub"