Oratex Success Stories

Tony's Challenger

We were very pleased to receive the following email:

Hello Lars and Paul,

Wanted to let you guys know that my airplane is done and it flies great. We got the airworthiness certificate on October 13th and then the first flight on the 17th when the weather cleared up.

We're very pleased with the fabric and pretty proud of how it looks ... I still have some stripes to add and may be ordering some of the checkerboard film from you in a month or two but for now we're focused on getting the hours flown off before the weather gets bad in Idaho.

My plane is pretty much the same as my dad's plane with a few more options (maybe 8 lbs of stuff) and it still came in about 17 pounds lighter than his. 9 pounds of that savings is in the battery but the rest is most likely from the fabric ... Thanks for making a great product! -- Tony Bolstad

Update: After 2 years and 205 flight hours, Tony reports that he is as happy as can be with his Oratex covered airplane!

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