Oratex® News

FAA STC Approval!

Latest STCs include PIPERS, some AERONCAS and STINSONS. Don't forget our STCs for all Maules and Huskys!! We also have Field Approvals for Cessna 120/140s!

ORATEX6000 is now certified in Canada!

In accordance with their policy associated with the review of foreign STCs, Transport Canada has issued Letters of Acceptance for our European STCs. This means that all subtypes of the type such as Pa-22-108-Colt, Pa-22-135, Pa-22-150, Pa-22-160, Pa-22S-135, Pa-22S-150 and Pa-22S-160 etc. are all included and covered. Same with PA-18 etc. Also covered are all existing Maules and the AirTractor 250, 300, 301, 302 and the AT400A that have fabric covered flight control surfaces.

Oshkosh News

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Sun n Fun 2018

Come see us at Booth LP-029 (alongside Sportair USA).

General News

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Kitplanes Magazine

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[Click Here] to read forum thread about applying Oratex to a PA-11. Includes instructional videos.

EAA Links

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[Click Here] for Valdez 2015! Two Oratex covered aircraft entered the competition. Both flew away champions. Bobby Breeden flew Glacier Cub to overall victory with a combined score of 44 feet (24 foot takeoff plus 20 foot landing). Frank Knapp made it three in a row taking the Light Sport class in his venerable Lil Cub.


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