Oratex® Aircraft Fabric

Oratex offers significant advantages over other fabric covering systems such as Superflite, Polyfiber, Ceconite, Air-Tech-Coatings, Randolph Butyrate dope, etc. Oratex comes ready to use with all necessary coatings already applied. It requires no sealer, no UV coating, no primer, no paint — no coatings whatsoever.

And most importantly, Oratex is fun to apply!

Oratex is certified in Europe and Canada, there are currently over 300 airplanes flying with Oratex. Now, after extensive testing in Alaska, FAA STCs are available for many aircraft, including Pipers, some Aeroncas, Stinsons, as well as all Mauls and Huskys. We also have field approval for Cessna 120/140s. As you will see, Oratex is a revolutionary covering system that requires no coatings whatsoever and features a strong, easy to use glue.

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Nontoxic and Environmentally Friendly

The Oratex system is so safe, you will work without a respirator, without gloves, and without being tethered to the hoses of a positive pressure ventilation system. You won't be exposed to dangerous solvents or toxins, and if you are working in an attached garage, your family will not be exposed to toxic fumes infiltrating into the living quarters.

Save Time and Avoid Disaster

Other systems require the application of multiple coats of fillers, primers, UV protection, topcoats, etc. The application of all those coats takes a lot of time (300-500 hours is average). And for people who don't cover airplanes for a living, each coat is another opportunity for something to go wrong. Covering with Oratex will only take about 100 hours, and all of those opportunities for disaster are avoided. No runs, no spills, no splattering. No ruined work from over aggressive sanding. (And did we mention that covering with Oratex is fun?)

Oratex600 and Oratex6000

Oratex fabric comes in two varieties. Both fabrics are made from modified polyester, the difference is the weight and the strength. Oratex600 is for use on airplanes with a gross weight up to 600 kilograms (1323 pounds) while Oratex6000 can be used on airplanes that weigh as much as 6000 kilograms (13,228 pounds). Because both fabrics are extremely lightweight, builders of lighter aircraft often choose Oratex6000 for the added strength and toughness, because they know that they will still save a significant amount of weight over more traditional systems.

Oratex is Tough

Oratex is very tough. Even gravel runways will not harm the finish. Our fabric has been tested extensively on the gravel riverbeds of Alaska, and we can say with confidence that you will never experience flaking or chipping. Oratex will not get stiff with extreme cold, and it will not react to spilled fuel, either aviation or mogas. With Oratex, all of those common problems disappear!

Oratex is Light

Oratex is the lightest covering system on the market. The weight of legacy covering systems can vary wildly depending on the skill (or lack of skill) of the builder. But the weight of Oratex is perfectly consistent, and it is lighter than even the lightest cover job done in Ceconite, Polyfiber or Superflite. Based on the real world experiences of our builders, we are comfortable in saying that for a Cub sized airplane it would be normal to expect a weight savings of at least 15 to 30 pounds over legacy systems.

Oratex Adhesive

Oratex adhesive is a truly modern adhesive that is a joy to use. Simply paint it on and let it dry. Then, come back in a few hours, a few days or a few weeks and use the heat from your iron or digital heat gun to activate the adhesive, and then behold its amazing powers of adhesion. Our adhesive can withstand a force of more than 100 pounds per square inch!

Pinked and Straight Edge Tape

Like conventional covering systems, Oratex employs tape to cover all seams. But whereas traditional systems require the edges of the tape to be pinked to avoid peeling, the strength of the Oratex adhesive allows us to offer both pinked and straight edge tape. Just choose the style you prefer. We can also provide tape in custom widths on request. The tape comes with the adhesive already applied. Just cut to length, remove the paper covering from the underside, and activate the adhesive with heat and pressure. That's all there is to it.

Oratex Can be Painted

One of the great advantages of Oratex is that it does not need to be painted. It is fully protected from UV and fuel spills, and is available in a variety of colors. But for those who want specialty colors or a super shiny finish, we also offer top coat paint that is specially formulated to work perfectly with our fabrics. But again, painting is completely optional.

As you can see, Oratex is a truly modern aircraft covering system. It's both tough and lightweight, using adhesive and tapes that make the application process easy and foolproof, even for someone who has never covered an airplane before.

To learn more about this better aircraft fabric, please explore our website. If you have additional questions or just want to talk about Oratex, please contact us:

Whether you are investigating your covering options and need more information, or have already purchased Oratex and have application questions, we are always ready and eager to help.


Our Experimental Cub had just over 20# of Oratex fabric once complete! ... If we could find someplace to save that kinda weight it would have cost us between $15,000 and $30,000 to get it using titanium or carbon!

Frank Knapp, Lil Cub Project

Canadian Approval!

Effective November 2015 Transport Canada has issued Letters of Acceptance for our European STCs. Affected certified aircraft can now legally be covered with Oratex!

Cost Comparison

Consider money saved on tools and long term maintenance, add in the value of your time and especially your health, and Oratex wins.

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Weight Data

Oratex is the lightest complete fabric covering system.

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Tools and Supplies

Successfully applying Oratex requires a few special tools.

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