Advantages of Using Oratex®

Oratex600 and Oratex6000 are tested and proven aircraft fabrics that require no coatings whatsoever. The advantages over traditional systems are many:

  • Easy and safe to apply
  • No solvents, no stench, no dust
  • No filler, no sealer, no primer
  • No UV coat required (UV protection is engineered into the fabric)
  • Extremely resistant to impact [View Hammer Demonstration]
  • No tedious sanding
  • No danger of over sanding
  • No expensive top coat required
  • Faster completion times = less labor = $$$ savings
  • No respirator, compressor or spray equipment
  • No hoses tethering you to a positive ventilation system
  • Easy to repair, even in the field [Using Oratex to Repair Ceconite]
  • Resists scratching [View Scratch Demonstration]
  • Tools can be washed out with water
  • You can work without gloves
  • You can work in your living room
  • Available in a [Variety of Colors]
  • No paint booth
  • No disassembly and transporting for painting
  • Little to no environmental impact
  • Consistent weight, consistent quality
  • Does not burn [View Burn Demonstration]
  • No cracking or peeling
  • No ringworm
  • No risk of osmotic blistering
  • Good to 40 below [View Cold Weather Demonstration]
  • Glue holds over 100 pounds per square inch
  • Choose between pinked and straight edge tape
  • Can even be applied to sheet metal (such as cowling)
  • Apply adhesive today, glue down fabric tomorrow (or next week)
  • Gravel runways won't chip it
  • No extra weight
  • UV proof, oil proof, fuel proof, fire proof
  • Watertight, airtight (Be sure to install drain holes.)
  • Available in Fokker Red, Corsair Blue, Olive Drab Green, Cub Yellow, Insignia White, Natural White, Aluminum Silver, and Antique
  • Can be painted other colors if desired
  • Cost competitive [View Cost Comparison]

For more information on Oratex, the better aircraft fabric, please explore our website. If you require more information, we are always happy to receive your email or take your phone call:


The question was what is the lightest. The answer is Oratex. Don't knock it if you haven't used it. Used Poly Fiber, Stewarts and Oratex. Oratex is the lightest. I would use it again on another plane. No questions asked.

--Roger Peterson, PA-11 Project

Cost Comparison

Consider money saved on tools and long term maintenance, add in the value of your time and especially your health, and Oratex wins.

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Weight Data

Oratex is the lightest complete fabric covering system.

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Tools and Supplies

Successfully applying Oratex requires a few special tools.

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