Suggested Tools and Supplies


Use of good high quality heat gun and iron is essential to properly activate the glue and to avoid overheating or burning the fabric. Never use a cheap, non-digital heat gun. You must have excellent temperature control. The same for irons. Only high quality heat tools are acceptable.

  • Heat Gun - digital with adjustable, variable output, such as Steinel (available from BetterAircraftFabric)
  • Iron - digital with good temperature stability across contact plate, such as Toko (available from BetterAircraftFabric)
  • Digital infrared thermometer with dual lasers for aiming

The above tools are the most important. Successfully applying Oratex involves the controlled application of heat, and good tools are required. Be sure that your heat gun and iron are fully adjustable, predictable, and have accurate digital readouts. A good digital infrared thermometer is required to ensure that your tools are operating correctly.

  • Felt pad - for applying pressure when using heat gun
  • Release paper - to allow iron to move smoothly over fabric
  • Cutting knife, Xacto knife, scissors - special cutting tools are not required
  • Leather gloves - lightweight, for protection from heat
  • Straight edge - for making straight cuts
  • Measuring tape
  • Wax marker - non-penetrating, for marking fabric
  • Brushes - artificial such as nylon or sponge, for applying adhesive
    Note: Never use natural bristle brushes!
  • Spring clamps - padded, for holding fabric in place (padded vice grips can be used)


  • Oratex liquid cleaner
  • Oratex adhesive remover
  • Masking tape
  • Sand paper or scotch brite - for roughing surfaces prior to applying glue
  • Primer - self etching, multi-component, for priming bare metal