Oratex Success Stories


In 2007 Alec Wild set out to redefine the modern bush plane, and he has succeeded in doing just that. Powered by twin inline Rotax 914s and fitted with leading edge slats, the DoubleEnder has the reliability, performance and predictable handling that provides peace of mind, even when flying over the remote glaciers of Alaska or the inhospitable terrain of Africa.

Wild, who has over a decade of experience flying in both Alaska and Africa, explains on his website bushplanedesign.com that the DoubleEnder was "designed to counter the most common causes of accidents for this type of flying. It was then given the greatest amount of visibility one can imagine, something more along the lines of what is commonly found in helicopters." Designed to be a high performance machine, the ultimate in its class, it's worth noting that for covering, the choice was Oratex.

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