Oratex Success Stories

Rans S7S

Hal Stockman had a problem with his Rans S7S. When he originally built it, it had 9 gallon tanks but he wanted more fuel so he swapped them out for 11 gallon fiberglass tanks. He soon found that the ethanol in the fuel was not compatible with the fiberglass tanks. In the meantime, Rans had come out with 13 gallon polyurethane tanks, and so he decided to put them in. But while Hal is perfectly comfortable with covering, he doesn't so much like painting and his buddy who had done his painting in the past had moved away. So when he discovered Oratex, the fabric that doesn't need to be painted, Hal decided to give it a shot.

It all worked out and now Hal has a greater fuel capacity, and because Oratex is lighter than traditional fabric systems, the airplane didn't gain any weight at all. Hal also builds big bore kits for Rotax engines that take the horsepower up to 114 or 125 depending on what you need. Check out the video link on the pictures page to see him doing a very short field takeoff and climb out at Oshkosh 2014. The power of the 114 horsepower conversion is evident.

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