Oratex Success Stories

Ed Tooey's SuperSTOL

Ed Tooey is the first to use Oratex on the Just Aircraft SuperSTOL. For an extreme STOL airplane, Ed wasn't shy about putting in the avionics that he wanted, including two Dynon Skyview displays along with the Skyview comm radio, intercom, transponder, and ADSB receiver. But he still came out real good on the weight. Here's what he told us:

Hi Lars. It is going well. I have 24 hours on her now. It's a light plane as far as SuperSTOLs go. She weighs 779 pounds with a lot of avionics. It is at least 25 pounds lighter than a painted SS with the same Rotax engine. I submitted a picture and write-up to Kitplanes mag so we'll see if it makes it in. Thanks for all of your help

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