Oratex: A Better Aircraft Fabric

Proven and certified in Europe and Canada, there are currently over 300 airplanes flying with Oratex, and many more are under construction. In addition, three European manufacturers have chosen to use Oratex exclusively, including on an aerobatic version of the Sherwood Ranger.

Having been tested extensively in Alaska, Oratex is now available throughout North America. Oratex represents a major breakthrough in aircraft fabric covering systems. No solvents, no paint, no stench, no exposure to toxic chemicals of any kind. [The Oratex System] is so benign you can even cover parts in your living room!

Easy to Apply

Other covering systems require many layers of special coatings, which can be extremely toxic. The application of these coatings requires skill and the purchase of expensive equipment. It is not unusual for 10 or more coats to be required, and between each coat comes the necessary and tedious sanding. In contrast, Oratex requires no coatings at all! Just glue it, shrink it, and you’re done. To see just how easy it is to cover your airplane, please refer to our [Application Instructions].

Proven Effective

Oratex is being used widely throughout Europe, and airplanes are now flying in North America as well. Currently there are over 100 airplanes flying with the Oratex fabric covering system, ranging from a record setting solar powered job to a 1000 horsepower Antonov AN2 biplane. Check out our [Success Stories] page to read about a few very happy customers.

Great Customer Support

Deciding which covering system to use is easy, once you learn all of the details. We are happy to help you learn all about our Oratex covering system, and how to apply it to your project. You can start learning right now by exploring our website. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us:

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Canadian Approval!

Effective November 2015 Transport Canada has issued Letters of Acceptance for our European STCs. Affected certified aircraft can now legally be covered with Oratex!


I was simply amazed at how simple and quick the fabric went on. In two days we had both wings covered and flying, minus the tapes. I love the fact that it seems so simple to patch. Something that would really come in handy in places like Africa where fabric knowledge is limited and matching paints is a big challenge.

--Alec Wild, DoubleEnder Project (from supercub.org)

Cost Comparison

Consider money saved on tools and long term maintenance, add in the value of your time and especially your health, and Oratex wins.

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Weight Data

Oratex is the lightest complete fabric covering system.

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Tools and Supplies

Successfully applying Oratex requires a few special tools.

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